Learning and Work Institute welcome budget but urge caution over part time HE

The Draft Budget safeguards most post-16 education, but cuts to the HE budget may result in fewer opportunities for students to study part time at university.

Cerys Furlong, Director of the Learning and Work Institute said:

“The Welsh Government have listened to our concerns about the impact of cuts to post-16 education and training, and the draft budget is to be welcomed as it safeguards provision for adults. The additional funds for the Pupil Deprivation Grant are also particularly welcome as where used effectively the PDG can enable schools to both raise attainment levels of children and re-engage adults into education. However, we are concerned that the proposed cuts to HE funding will unfairly impact on adults as the Welsh Government has committed to maintaining the full time fee grant, which will almost certainly mean a reduction in funding for part time HE. This would disproprotionately impact on women, disabled students, those who work while studying and carers- all of whom are more likely to need to study part time”.