“Adult Learning changes lives” – L&W welcomes Adult Learning boost

The Welsh Government has announced a 13% increase in the allocation of funding for Adult Community Learning.


Following this announcement, Kay Smith, Head of Research Development and Policy at Learning and Work Institute commented:

“Following years of sustained cuts we are pleased that the new government has increased funding for adult learning. 

Adult learning changes lives. We have been campaigning for adult learning to be prioritised for many years because of low levels of skills are a key barrier to work and progressing in work. 

This is now more important than ever for Wales to compete in a new world following the Brexit vote – our workforce needs to be equipped.  

Adult learning is not just important for employment. Accessing local opportunities for learning builds resilience, confidence and for those who need support, to develop better literacy, numeracy or digital skills.

“With an additional half a million being invested in Adult Community Learning this year we are calling on the government to continue investing over the years to come.”