Ann Davies – Inspire! Tutor Award Winner

Ann Davies likens her tutoring to journeying on a boat, she says. “We are all travelling together. Some might be better at navigating, some at rowing, others at guiding and encouraging. I always remind my stronger rowers to help others. We are a family of learners.”

Ann is a Welsh tutor at the Palmerston Centre in Barry and from an early age felt she was always destined to be a teacher. After completing a PGCE she travelled and taught where she could, including teaching English and literacy to Mexican immigrants in California. She delivered bespoke Welsh lessons to support students through exams, while raising her family, adapting her teaching to each learner and their ability and background.

One of Ann’s main strengths as a tutor is that she doesn’t just teach the language, but introduces the Welsh language, culture and history, whether it is talking about current affairs, politics, sport, playing YouTube clips of Welsh singers and entertainers, past or present. She says, “I am passionate about Welsh, it is my legacy from my incredible parents. They brought me up with a love of the language, heritage and learning. I thrive on seeing my students succeed like they’ve never succeeded before.”

Ann is extremely experienced at understanding her different students’ learning styles and taps into what they are interested in, engaging them often on those topics which really helps to embed the learning.

Megan Sanger, a student who supported Ann’s nomination says, “I told Ann I couldn’t remember a lot of my childhood Welsh but could remember some songs. Ann then started most lessons with a song, traditional Welsh songs which were rousing, uplifting and hugely inspiring!  Words cannot adequately express how much I enjoyed Ann’s classes last year, how infectious her passion for the Welsh language is. I am currently enrolled on two courses this year, I took my children four times to the Eisteddfod for the first time this summer. My partner is enthused and starting to learn Welsh, I am now speaking Welsh again with my Mum who is also re-learning after having lived away from Wales for nearly 30 years.”

“I am passionate about my tutoring…preserving the Welsh language is key to my tutoring. Empathy and enthusiasm are key to success. I always remind my stronger rowers to help with other rowers without compromising their own learning. In this way, the learner celebrates personal and group achievement. We are a family of learners.”