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23rd February 2015 by

It’s time to start counting carers…

There are 370,000 carers in Wales. That is 370,000 people, aged from 5 to over 80, providing unpaid care to their friends and family. That is the figure reported in the 2011 census. It’s not perfect,...Read more »

23rd February 2015 by

Alleviating poverty through education

Whilst the UK economy moves out of recession and in to a period of growth, Local Authorities and other organisations in the immediate hinterland of Welsh HE institutions   are facing severe reductions in funding that...Read more »

20th February 2015 by

The Child’s Voice First

How do we know we are educating children and young people for the real world? Well that is a big question. Can recruiters advise on the quality of the graduates that join them? Certainly. Can we...Read more »

17th February 2015 by

The Digital Apprentice: A Dangerous Idea

The gap in skills is a big, bad, and growing problem. For those that possess today’s need to operate complex digital tools and technology – Increasing rewards will follow – and for those that don’t it’s...Read more »