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13th June 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

What about adult education?

Against a backdrop of budget cuts, restructures, and in some cases course and centre closures, you might think there is little to celebrate for those of us passionate about lifelong learning. However, this week, as we...Read more »

27th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

Girls into STEM

The National Assembly for Wales’s Presiding Officer, Rosemary Butler AM, has put the issue of barriers to women in public and professional life at the top of the political agenda in Wales as part of her...Read more »

27th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

Education should not discriminate

With tightening budgets, adult education, which was once the leading way for adults who may have missed out on traditional education, is becoming a collapsing and underfunded form of education. As the winner of Young Adult...Read more »

27th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

DANGEROUS TIMES: Learning to manage them

27DANGEROUS TIMES: learning to manage them Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture, Cardiff, Feb 2015   This lecture is a kind of double memorial.  It is formally in memory of Raymond Williams, and I’ll come to him in...Read more »

26th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

Education as a means to recovery: Are recovery colleges a dangerous idea?

The debate on public services in the UK has been intense over the last few years, particularly in Wales. It’s the first time since the establishment of devolved government we’ve seen governments of different colours at...Read more »

25th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

A Shared Responsibility

It’s difficult to doubt the positive impact that adult education has on people’s lives. Without the obvious benefit of opening doors to employment, whatever the format or level of learning, it has the potential to re-shape...Read more »

24th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

Dreaming of dangerous adult literacy ideas

Skills for Life At the turn of this century, probably the most significant investment in UK history, was made in adult literacy, ESOL and numeracy in England, through the Skills for Life Strategy.  Standards were set;...Read more »

24th February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

The Yellow Brick Road of Learning

At the recent Festival of Dangerous Ideas debate ‘Is Education Wasted on the Young?’, Louise Taylor, CEO of the Big Learning Company, made a remarkable comment – possibly the first person to live to 200 years...Read more »

23rd February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

It’s time to start counting carers…

There are 370,000 carers in Wales. That is 370,000 people, aged from 5 to over 80, providing unpaid care to their friends and family. That is the figure reported in the 2011 census. It’s not perfect,...Read more »

23rd February 2015 by Wendy Ellaway-Lock

Alleviating poverty through education

Whilst the UK economy moves out of recession and in to a period of growth, Local Authorities and other organisations in the immediate hinterland of Welsh HE institutions   are facing severe reductions in funding that...Read more »