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24th February 2015 by

Dreaming of dangerous adult literacy ideas

Skills for Life At the turn of this century, probably the most significant investment in UK history, was made in adult literacy, ESOL and numeracy in England, through the Skills for Life Strategy.  Standards were set;...Read more »

24th February 2015 by

The Yellow Brick Road of Learning

At the recent Festival of Dangerous Ideas debate ‘Is Education Wasted on the Young?’, Louise Taylor, CEO of the Big Learning Company, made a remarkable comment – possibly the first person to live to 200 years...Read more »

23rd February 2015 by

It’s time to start counting carers…

There are 370,000 carers in Wales. That is 370,000 people, aged from 5 to over 80, providing unpaid care to their friends and family. That is the figure reported in the 2011 census. It’s not perfect,...Read more »

23rd February 2015 by

Alleviating poverty through education

Whilst the UK economy moves out of recession and in to a period of growth, Local Authorities and other organisations in the immediate hinterland of Welsh HE institutions   are facing severe reductions in funding that...Read more »

20th February 2015 by

The Child’s Voice First

How do we know we are educating children and young people for the real world? Well that is a big question. Can recruiters advise on the quality of the graduates that join them? Certainly. Can we...Read more »

17th February 2015 by

The Digital Apprentice: A Dangerous Idea

The gap in skills is a big, bad, and growing problem. For those that possess today’s need to operate complex digital tools and technology – Increasing rewards will follow – and for those that don’t it’s...Read more »