Catrin’s life changed forever in 2013 when she suffered third degree burns to 96% of her body in a coach crash in France, she was 19.

There wasn’t much hope of her surviving and she went into a coma for three months. She says, “I battled on, but I doubted whether I had a future. When I woke up from the coma, I’d had numerous surgeries and couldn’t move.”

Catrin was left with physical and mental scars, her central vision has disappeared, her left fingertips were amputated, and she struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and flashbacks of being alight. She says, “Everyone’s lives were continuing while mine was on pause. It makes you question your worth, my self-confidence was shattered.”

Having spent the next four years in physical therapy learning how to walk, speak and eat again, Catrin said “I began to see that my physical disabilities and mental health issues were less of a barrier and more of a driving force to prove that anything could be achieved if you set your mind to it.”

Although the world felt like a scary place, Catrin pushed through these challenges and took her first step when she started working as a peer supporter with charities such as The Katie Piper Foundation and Changing Faces, giving motivational talks about surviving life-changing experiences. She says, “What I really wanted was to study again and work my way towards a meaningful career where I could make a difference.”

Catrin was inspired by the role of the Physiotherapist in her own recovery, and in 2017 she embarked on a journey to becoming a physio. She says, “Going back to education was terrifying. I had completed 15 years of education in the fortunate position of having no additional needs, now I had multiple.”

To pursue a degree in Physiotherapy, Catrin needed to gain a Level 3 sciencebased qualification. She enrolled on Agored Cymru’s Access to Higher Education course to study Biosciences at Coleg Cambria. She says, “After building the courage to show up, every day got easier. I was still intelligent, capable and adjustments made everything achievable.”

Excelling in her course, Catrin has received offers from University and will take up a place in September 2018.

Jackie Grieves of Coleg Cambria says, “Everyone here has been dazzled and inspired by Catrin’s positive attitude and determination to achieve her goals."