About the Campaign:

Adult Learners’ Week is the UK’s largest annual learning festival. Now in over 55 countries worldwide, each year we see over 10,000 adults in Wales participating in Adult Learners’ Week activities. The aim this campaign is to raise awareness of the value of adult learning, celebrate the achievements of learners and providers, and inspire more people to discover how learning can positively change their lives.

This is achieved by working with a host of private and public organisations on the promotion of free taster events, local outreach activities and short courses to prompt adults across the country into returning to learning.

Campaign activity will be celebrated and promoted during 17 - 23 June and throughout the month of June 2019.

Get involved:

If you are involved in providing adult learning and skills, whether it’s formal or non-formal we’d love to hear about your plans for Adult Learners’ Week this year. It’s a great opportunity to promote what you do, launch a piece of research, test new provision or bang the drum for Adult Learning. Take a look at our Adult Learners' Week 2018 Padlet to see what activities and events took place last year. Our Adult Learners' comms pack & resources will be available to download soon.

Innovation Grant 2019:

The Innovation grant is also open for 2019, applications are welcome from organisations, groups and partnerships working in Wales who wish to deliver outreach activities or events during Adult Learners’ Week and throughout the month of June.
Click here to read more about the funding, and links to the guidance documents and application form.

Here’s a little preview of what Adult Learners’ Week is all about:

Our follow up research and evaluation for 2018 shows that:

  • There were 400 registered events across Wales
  • 8,000 people attended an Adult Learners’ Week event
  • 76% of Adult Learners' week participants feel excited about learning since attending an event or course.
  • 91% of Adult Learners' Week participants agreed that they are confident about learning new skills.
  • 69% of Adult Learners' Week 2018 attendees are  likely to take up learning in the next three years

Adult Learners’ Week – participant feedback:“Through-Adult-Learners-Week-my-husband-found-out-about-a-course-in-Denbigh-which-he-is-now-starting-next-week._-1-1100x1000.png“I-made-new-friends-and-gained-confidence.”-3-1100x1100.png“It-was-a-good-opportunity-to-go-and-do-something-it-was-really-enjoyable.-The-tutor-was-excellent.”-2-1-1100x1000.png“Through-Adult-Learners-Week-my-husband-found-out-about-a-course-in-Denbigh-which-he-is-now-starting-next-week._-1100x1000.png

If you would like further information on Adult Learners’ Week in Wales, please email us.