The Innovation grant for 2020 is available to organisations working in Wales who wish to deliver outreach activities or events during Adult Learners’ Week and throughout the month of June.

Our Adult Learners’ Week campaign provides an umbrella to promote and celebrate formal and informal lifelong learning and we’d like to work with any partners and stakeholders across Wales working with adults, communities and families.

It’s your chance to promote what you do, test new ways of working, launch new activity, reach new audiences, have fun and bang the drum for adult & family learning.

We are looking for activities which are creative, innovative and can reach new audiences, particularly those adults who have not engaged in learning for some time and have the potential to gain media interest.

Adults learn in all sorts of settings for many varied reasons. Here are some examples of organisations and venues which have previously engaged with our campaigns:

Workplaces, museums & galleries, libraries, schools, community groups, theatre and arts groups, hospitals and health centres, leisure centres, local newspapers and radio, housing associations, trade unions & employer’s organisations, prisons and probation services, residential homes, job centres, supermarkets and many others.

Activity could be used to:

  • Promote participation in learning
  • Increase access to information, advice and guidance
  • Facilitate have-a-go or bite-size taster sessions

Closing date for Applications: Friday 28 February 2020

You will need the following documents to complete your application:

If you have any questions about your application, please email [email protected]

More about Adult Learners’ Week (22-28 June 2020)

Adult Learners’ Week is an annual campaign which celebrates and promotes adult learning opportunities. Promoted by the United Nations, Adult Learners’ Week has developed in over 40 countries around the globe. In Wales we use this campaign to reach out to individuals and communities who have low skills and few qualifications. Adult Learners’ Week gives individuals the chance to take a step towards developing their skills; whether they want to get a better job or build confidence to access a course. The campaign provides an umbrella to promote formal and informal opportunities and to celebrate lifelong learning.

If you have any queries about your application form, then please contact [email protected]