Nominated by: Coleg Cambria

Kayley Jones

Health and Wellbeing Award

Kayley Jones is making huge leaps in learning and moving forward with her life, building her confidence and developing her skills in literacy, numeracy and IT at classes with Coleg Cambria.

She had experienced problems at school with bullying and became withdrawn and frightened to leave the house. She missed out on education at school and left without any formal qualifications. She still experiences difficulty in going out alone and had not left home on her own for a number of years prior to coming to class.

Kayley’s mum suggested she join the Adult Community Essential Skills class, hoping that it would be just what she needed to improve her confidence, develop her skills and engage with others.

A very nervous Kayley walked through the classroom door, however she was eased gently into class and is now fully engaged with everyone and her confidence is blossoming. Joining the class has also unleashed a hidden skill, making Christmas wreaths and decorations, which she demonstrates to other groups as well as creating individual projects.

Kayley says, “Over time the class has given me a great opportunity. I never thought I’d be able to gain any qualifications and last year I was awarded my first ever certificates. Great I thought, proof that I can learn and achieve something.”

She is progressing through the levels in numeracy and literacy and she is skilled in using IT and supporting the rest of the class in developng their skills in this area. She’s also joining more classes with the college and hopes to go on and take GCSE’s. She says, “My learning journey is now beginning!”

One of the biggest impacts has been the boost to her mental health and well-being.  Tutor Pam McLean says, “Kayley has grown so much in confidence and a belief in her own skills since joining the class. She is moving forward, she’s so keen to grasp more opportunities and live life to the full.”