If you’re planning on delivering an event during our Adult Learners’ Week campaign (18 – 24 June 2018) then you’ve already taken the first step. Have a Go month which takes place in June is a great way to showcase the opportunities that your organisation has to offer, to reach and inspire more people to realise their potential and to take up learning and to raise awareness of the value and advantages of Adult Learning, such as increased employability opportunities, building inclusive communities, and improved health.

There are a range of creative ideas and themes that you can draw on for Have a Go month. You may want to deliver a series of Have a Go workshops and bite size taster sessions, short courses, launch a piece of research, promote what you do, or just to simply bang the drum about existing provision within your area.

Here are some examples of events and activities held in previous years:

Arts and Crafts, Digital skills, Open Days, Essential Skills, Reading Group, Community learning, Languages, Employability Skills, Introduction to Photography, Taster of Technology, Learning Fair, Confidence Building, First Aid, Mindfulness.

Take a look at our online Padlet  which we have put together, to see what events took place during last years’ Adult Learners’ Week.

Here are some helpful pointers to help you get started:

Set your objectives

  • What do you want to get out of the event and what do you want attendees to gain from the event?
  • What type of event will attract the type of audience you are trying to reach?
  • Are your events going to be based on a theme?
  • How can you reach your audience in the most cost-effective way?
  • Where will be the most appropriate location for the audience and for you?
  • Can you work with in partnership with other organisations to deliver and promote these events?

Making use of available resources

  • What resources do you have? (staff, volunteers, time and budget).
  • Register your events with us and you will receive a complimentary box of promotional items such as bunting, pens and bags to help publicise your event. You will also have access to our electronic bilingual resources such as posters, logos, templates for media invitations and press releases, standard promotional tweets.

Promote your event

  • This year we’ve teamed up with Hot Courses to set up the Events Calendar for Have a Go month June and Adult Learners’ Week in Wales, so that you can upload your events bilingually onto our calendar, this is completely free! Events are also promoted via the Skills Gateway for Adults


Use the media hook

  • Make the most of local media to shout about your events, perhaps invite a local AM to come along to the event to see the type of work that you are delivering and the impact it’s creating, this will help you to gain exposure and raise awareness.
  • Use our media templates which you will find in our Promotional Resources

Measuring success

  • Use our online Evaluation form to tell us more about your events and to measure the success of them. Event attendees will also be supplied with Feedback forms to complete at the event which will be returned to Learning and Work Institute. Further details about these forms can be found here.


If you would like further information about Adult Learners’ Week / Have a Go month, please contact [email protected]