Anne-Marie has been teaching for the last two years on a variety of communication courses at different venues throughout Barry. She started out by attending counselling skills courses before becoming a Learning Support Assistant and then moving onto a PGCE.

A key focus of her work is on confidence building courses, aimed at individuals with experience of mental health issues. Many have gone through significant difficulties in their lives and for some attendance on the course is a life-line.

Learner Laura Shire nominated Anne-Marie, she says, “Annie has helped me regain confidence and encouraged me to continue my learning. Without her support my story could have been very different – I could say that she saved my life. She sensed I was going through a bad time and intervened in a most proactive and positive way. She is truly inspiring.”

Exploring next steps for each learner is integral to Anne-Marie’s approach and supporting them is an important part of what she gives back. For some learners her support has made the difference in their decision to enrol on essential skills provision or attending Open Days to explore other opportunities.

Laura continues, “Since meeting her I have become so successful, amongst all the hardships in my life ... I became a published children’s author, something that she fully supported. She spent time helping me to overcome anxiety and to go out and read to children in schools. I made a cake based on her class which represented growth and learning, with the message; Your story isn’t over yet”.