Building on a career as a teacher, Jane moved into leadership training in the public and voluntary sectors. She set up her training and coaching business in 2005, and trained social workers, third sector staff and volunteers, managers and leaders in the public sector and small business owners.

In 2015, she took her current job at Chwarae Teg as a trainer and coach for the Career Development Programme for Women, part of the organisations’ Agile Nation 2 project, which is funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government. Working for Chwarae Teg has made a massive difference to Jane, rebuilding her own confidence, and allowing her to re-build her business.

Jane’s nominator, Tara Williams, said, “Jane’s cohort known as ‘007’ has been one of our most successful groups in terms of what they’ve achieved, gaining qualifications, skills and building their confidence. She is a charismatic leader who delivers training with spades of warmth and integrity.”

Jane encourages learners to continue to support and encourage each other to expand their careers. What has developed is a unique support network of strong, capable working women.

One learner commented ‘It was almost as if Jane inspired a cognitive shift in my brain. Her enthusiasm and confidence resonated within me and it all seemed to click into place. I was experienced, skilled and, above all, capable! I began engineering meetings with my line manager to discuss my progression, shredding the fear of asking for feedback and instead seeing it as a way to improve.”