Sarian learnt Welsh as an adult and is living proof of the life changing potential of adult learning, having changed direction to pursue a career in teaching Welsh in the community.

She says, “I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, to help on their journey back to health, or into work and to offer a safe and supportive environment.”

Her route into tutoring came following a break from a career in human resources. After the birth of her daughter, Sarian took the decision to take time out to support her learning, which has been affected by autism but not stood in the way of her getting to university. Her new career only started to emerge when she started a Welsh class to help her son with his homework.

The challenges and personal experiences that Sarian has overcome has moulded her into a tutor who tailors her provision so that each person can achieve their goals.

One of the learners who is on a beginners Welsh course was not able to continue attending the evening class, so Sarian has provided individual sessions to help her progress.

She says, “I am supported by a medical team and they have seen a noticeable improvement in my independent living skills and my confidence since I started learning. I am especially proud of my achievements when I teach other beginners in the hospital Welsh words and phrases. Because I am succeeding with my learning, I am excited to share this with others.”