Sue Jones teaches Essential Skills, Employability and Confidence Building across Conwy and Denbighshire. Her success comes from going beyond the routine delivery of each course and working with learners to help overcome complex daily challenges.

Sue builds strong links with support workers and takes time to give feedback which means they fully understand and lend their support to what the learners are aiming to achieve. The diversity of Sue’s groups means that her delivery must be flexible and imaginative, many are working at different levels on both numeracy and literacy activities.

Sue has had a long career, working in a range of challenging settings with adults who have experienced many barriers to learning, including mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction.

She says, “I learnt very early on that the only way to help people progress in any situation is to first gain their trust and then do whatever is necessary to restore confidence and self-esteem”.

Sue has taken every opportunity offered to improve her experience and qualifications. She started learning Welsh and now has two daughters and five grandchildren who are bilingual, she says, “It is refreshing to be able to ask an eight-year-old about a certain word. I am delighted to realise that I am no longer a learner but a Welsh speaker who can at least perform at a reasonable level. How important to be able to communicate with my learners at least to some degree in their first language.”