Our vision for Apprenticeships starts with the recognition that there are three critical stakeholders: the Government, employers, and apprentices. All three make an investment and all three share in the returns. We support expansive Apprenticeships, where the focus is on developing the whole person for a job, a career, other careers and for life; and on instilling a sense of curiosity, lifelong learning, discovery and improvement in all apprentices. We also believe that Apprenticeships should be based on the stage an individual is at in their career, not their age. Apprenticeships can make a significant difference at these stages, including when people move into their first job (at any age), when they are promoted into a new role requiring new skills and when they change career.

To achieve our vision and to balance the interests of the apprentice with the leadership from employers, we are currently developing an Apprentice Charter in collaboration with employers, providers and apprentices. It will provide the apprentice with a clear understanding of the contribution they must make and encourage a commitment from employers to give their apprentices the best possible experience for a solid foundation for their entire working lives.

With over 11 million disabled people in Great Britain, of whom nearly six million are of working age, we believe that fair access to Apprenticeships is crucial. Our online Employer Toolkit is designed to help more disabled people gain access to Apprenticeships and to help employers access skilled and dedicated workers. Developed together with a number of employers – including Barclays Bank, Tottenham Hotspur FC, The National Theatre, Novartis PLC, Leicester City Council and Luton and Dunstable Hospital – the toolkit demonstrates the simple and cost-effective actions that employers can take to make their Apprenticeship programmes open to disabled Apprentices.

Our Apprenticeships resources include The Adult Apprentice and The Apprentice’s Journey.