From Rhetoric to Reality: NHS Wales in 10 years’ time – Health & Education

In January 2014, the Welsh NHS Confederation launched its discussion paper entitled ‘From Rhetoric to Reality – NHS Wales in 10 years’ time’.1 The paper sets out ten key challenges that face the NHS in Wales, including sections on workforce, funding, public engagement and integration.

To keep this debate at the forefront of how we realise a shared vision for the NHS in Wales, the Welsh NHS Confederation is producing a range of briefings in the ‘From Rhetoric to Reality’ series.

This briefing, produced jointly with The Learning and Work Institute Cymru, the national voice of lifelong learning in Wales, highlights the benefits of education and learning on health and well-being, and explores the potential role of education in reducing pressure on a wide range of health services, at the same time as driving the quality and timeliness of services.