Strategic Plan



Our vision is for a society in which everyone has opportunities to learn and be supported to achieve their ambitions in life, community and work.

Our ambition is for:

  • Higher rates of employment and better jobs: learning and skills are a key barrier to work for many, and can provide a hook into engagement.
  • Higher productivity for a stronger economy: learning and skills are a key driver of productivity and successful businesses.
  • Equality and inclusion for more social justice: learning and skills can help people find work, progress in work and boost earnings potential.
  • Active citizens and healthy communities: the wider benefits of learning and skills support more vi-brant, tolerant, safe and healthy communities.



L&W Impact Report V5 FINAL

The work we do at Learning and Work Institute is aimed at securing positive change for individuals and communities to secure increased access to learning and skills and improved employability and career progression.

This impact report sets out our campaigning, research, development projects and policy advice for the last financial year 2015 – 2016.  All have been achieved with the support from a range of partners and stakeholders including Welsh Government.