Wales Labour Market Statistics – June 2020

This briefing sets out analysis of the ONS labour market statistics for Wales, released on the morning of 16th June 2020. The data cover the number of people claiming benefits up to May 2020, and the employment figures for the period February – April 2020.

David Hagendyk, Director of Learning and Work Institute Cymru, said;

“Wales faces an unprecedented jobs challenge with the latest figures suggesting the sharpest rise in unemployment on record. In just two months, the claimant count has nearly doubled to over 118,000 and it stands at the highest level since August 1994..

“The picture now starting to emerge is that those areas that entered the crisis with the highest levels of unemployment have experienced some of the largest rises over the last two months. Without a scaling up of action and investment, the crisis could risk deepening existing inequalities further.

“With a second wave of unemployment likely in the autumn as the furlough scheme comes to an end, Wales will need a comprehensive job support package and a sharp increase in the level of investment in skills and retraining.”

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