Heddwen Roberts
Learn Welsh for Adults

Heddwen Roberts

Heddwen Roberts is a tutor for adults at Learn Welsh Ceredigion, Powys and Carmarthenshire. She has a degree in Welsh and had been a teacher, but she became a Welsh tutor when she retired and moved back to Wales to live. It was a difficult time for her having lost her husband, she lost her confidence to go out and meet people.

The success of Heddwen’s teaching is evidenced in the popularity of her classes and the progression that learners make. She teaches seven classes each week ranging from access to higher level qualifications, with around sixty learners attending and in addition to this, teaches at Easter and Summer Schools.

She says,

I’m passionate about sharing my love of the language and finding new ways for my learners to practice speaking and using their skills confidently. My classes are flexible, and I work with the needs of each learner, but I like to make them fun and real, so we explore issues in current affairs and things that are relevant in their lives.”

Now in her 70’s, when the pandemic hit, she realised that maintaining learning was vital but was also going to be a challenge as she needed to learn new skills to teach online.  “When we went into lockdown I initially carried on tutoring by post and by phone … and then ZOOM was mentioned! It’s been a steep learning curve for me to make the switch to learning online, but I think that I’ve risen to the challenge and taken the students with me!”

“Now I get such pleasure from teaching – it’s much more than a job. The learners inspire me! Humour and laughter helps too.”

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