Jos Andrews
Unite the Union, Wales Union Learning Fund

Jos Andrews

Jos Andrews is a freelance tutor working with Unite the Union and their workplace programmes which are part of the Wales Union Learning Fund.

The impact of the coronavirus meant that many workplaces were facing redundancies and Jos has been part of a team in the last 12 months supporting people with retraining and identifying skills to help them find new employment.

Jos works with each person to develop their interview skills, build CVs and provides coaching to identify the talents they have, but maybe don’t recognise.

A participant in the sessions delivered by Jos said,

 “You and your team were game changers in the carnage that we all were experiencing. The advice and guidance that we had was simply incredible. Now the workforce had someone to turn to, now people had some feeling of support and for that I can’t thank you enough.”

Jos believes there is a simple way to engage people and build their confidence and their skills, “It’s a case of finding out what works for them” she says,

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of creating and providing real and practical educational chances and opportunities. I love finding new ways of learning and sharing ideas.”

Jos has had a varied career and brings all of her experience to the current role, from setting up pupil/parent clubs as a student teacher, writing major learning programmes for the BBC to live event producing at the Olympic Games. She is also a Quick Reads author and ambassador committed to improving the reading skills of adults.

“My mission in tutoring has been to find creative ways of motivating those who have been turned off by formal education processes. The aim has always been the same for me. I want to engage with and bring out the best in people.”

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