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“Tutoring is incredibly rewarding, and the most fulfilling part is working with the learners themselves. While language learning requires individual effort, it’s also a collaborative journey. Through paired work, group activities, and class discussions, a strong sense of community develops, reminding students they’re not alone on this path.

Giving learners the opportunity and confidence to use their language skills is very important, and I encourage them to do that in whichever way they like. It makes me feel proud and it means so much to me to hear of any personal achievement from learners no matter how big or small the event.”


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For over five years, Non Williams has enriched Learn Welsh Swansea Bay as a Welsh tutor. She guides adults from beginner to advanced levels, fostering a love for the language and building lasting connections with her students.

Non builds a friendly, supportive and enjoyable learning environment for her learners through the use of technology, as well as teaching in-person. She encourages her students to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and to actively use their Welsh language skills outside of class and takes pride in their achievements, big and small.

For adults considering learning Welsh, Non emphasises the potential to unlock new friendships, career opportunities, and personal development. She also highlights the benefits of learning as an adult, compared to traditional school experiences. While learning a language requires individual effort, Non develops a sense of community and teamwork in her classes, where her students feel supported throughout their language journey.

She provides opportunities for everyone to speak to her confidentially, during the class, using breakout room opportunities and giving up her own time to reach out and provide support, particularly for students with significant health problems and challenging personal circumstances.

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