Lynnie Llewellyn attends two weekly classes to learn Welsh at Foundation Level 1 & 2 and regularly attends extra day schools and weekend courses to develop her skills.

She says, “Before I started learning Welsh I was Lynnie, now I’m Lynnie Welshwoman! Now I can speak, read and write in Welsh. Since learning, my world has been turned upside down.”

She’s already succeeded in WJEC Access Exams, registering for the next, but her tutor says, “To be honest her progress is not the most important thing about Lynnie, it’s her enthusiasm towards the language and her willingness to use the language outside the classroom, with her family, in the community and in the workplace”.

Lynnie has attended residential courses, encouraging friends to come along with her to practice Welsh and she regularly attends social nights – but she shines in doing the small things, such as saying “Shwmae” and “Diolch” to shoppers in Caerphilly or taking shy learners from her class to the local coffee morning.

Learning Welsh has given Lynnie new opportunities and she has taken advantage of them all. She has travelled throughout Wales, volunteered at the National Eisteddfod and she’s taken her grandchildren to a Welsh for the Family course at the Urdd residential centre in Llangrannog – wanting them to share in the language and to have the opportunity to hear and start learning also. She says, “I started learning Welsh for my grandchildren and what a massive bonus to take them to Llangrannog, it’s their Christmas present, memories not toys!”

Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious and Lynnie has taken an active role in supporting fellow learners by coordinating their engagement outside of classes through social media and volunteering.

Her tutor says, “Lynnie is an excellent advocate for the Welsh language and shows how life-changing re-starting learning fairly late in life can be.”