Welsh Youth Opportunity Index

Use this interactive map to explore the Youth Opportunity Index.

The Index gives a relative measure of education and employment opportunities for young people across each of Wales' local education authorities. The score for each area reflects how its performance compares with the best-performing area; the higher the score, the better the performance. Results are presented as a heatmap, with darker shades representing higher scores.

  • Apprenticeships. Apprenticeship starts as a proportion of 16-24s in a local area.
  • Capped 9. Average of top nine GCSEs, or equivalent volume of qualifications, for each learner in the cohort, including subject specific requirements for English and Welsh, maths or numeracy and a science.
  • Employment. Employment rates for 23-28 year olds.
  • Higher education. All undergraduate HE enrolments from a (home) local authority area, as a percentage of the 16-64 year olds without HE qualifications in the local area.
  • Level 3. The proportion of 16-19 year olds resident in a local area qualified to level 3.
  • NEET. Year 11 Leavers from schools in Wales known to be not in education, employment or training.
  • Net Underemployment. This measure is the balance between the numbers of young people wanting to work more hours and the numbers wanting to work fewer hours.
  • Overall. The average score across all indices. It gives an overall comparative measure of the education and employment opportunities for young people living in each local area.

Use this map to explore the ranked performance of local areas for each index. Use the toolbar to share, download or reset the table. Alternatively, view ranks organised by region or local education authority of index scores.