The Inspire! Adult Learning Awards is an annual event co-ordinated by Learning and Work Institute Wales in partnership with the Welsh Government and other supporters, including The Open University in Wales, Agored Cymru, Adult Learning Wales, National Centre for Learning Welsh and others.

Starting out - Welsh Beginner Award

Joseff Oscar Gnagbo

Life Change & Progression Award (joint winner)

Emma Louise Williams

Life Change and Progression Award (joint winner)

Kierran James

Community Project Award

The Community Impact Initiative C.I.C.

Ageing Well Award

Ralph Handscomb

Different Past: Shared Futures Award

Chawan Ali

Young Adult Award

Alisha Morgan

Skills at Work Award

Agile Nation 2 Career Development Programme

Closing the Gap Award

Priory Learning Centre

Into Work Award

Chloe Young

Health & Wellbeing Award

Jamie Evans

Family Learning Award winner

The Smith Family

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