Career Progression

The economy is growing and employment is rising, but for too many people living standards remain stalled. By 2020 those on low to middle incomes are expected to still be worse off than they were pre-recession. To help boost the careers of Britain’s 5 million low paid workers we recently launched our ground-breaking proposals – No limits: from getting by to getting on – for a new National Advancement Service.

We believe that a National Advancement Service could support people, especially those earning ‘below the living wage’, boost their earnings and career prospects, helping 500,000 families by 2020 and cutting child poverty by 150,000. It would offer:

  •  A service open to everyone in low paid work in receipt of tax credits or Universal Credit.
  • A free Career Check and online support, alongside personalised support from a Career Coach and Personal Career Account.
  • Work with employers to boost their business and create more opportunities for people to progress.
  • A localised service managed by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and cities.
  • A cost neutral service – funded by refocusing £100m of existing budgets from the National Careers Service and Adult Skills Budget.