Paige Tynan - Wrexham University

“Tutoring and mentoring, to me, are avenues to empower learners, ignite their passion for science, and support their personal and professional growth. The joy of teaching comes from witnessing the transformative impact of education on individuals, particularly those who, like me, have faced obstacles in their learning journey.”

Paige Tynan-18

Paige Tynan is a Lecturer in Biosciences at Wrexham University, embodies not only academic excellence but also a deep commitment to empowering adult learners, particularly those enrolled in foundation year programmes.

Her approach to teaching transcends traditional methods. Paige has developed and authored innovative modules such as Emerging Technology and Forensic Ecology, and is leading the change in establishing an MRes programme in Experimental Taphonomy. These initiatives not only enrich the academic curriculum but also open up exciting avenues for adult learners to delve into cutting-edge scientific research. Her dedication to fostering an inclusive and stimulating learning environment is further driven by her efforts to make complex scientific concepts accessible to all students, regardless of their prior academic background.

Paige’s personal journey of overcoming early educational challenges, due to undiagnosed additional needs resonates strongly with her students, many of whom face similar barriers. Her ability to inspire and motivate learners, coupled with her commitment to their success, has led to remarkable outcomes. Numerous students, under her mentorship, have achieved academic success, pursued advanced degrees, and embarked on fulfilling careers in science.

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