This resource has been developed by Carers Trust Wales, in partnership with Learning and Work Institute (L&W).

There are around 370,000 carers in Wales and this figure is rising. It is estimated by 2030 the number of carers in the UK will have increased by around 60% (Carers UK, 2001). Three in five people will be carers at some point in their lives in the UK.

The 2011 Census figures show that there are more than 21,000 young adult carers in Wales aged 14–25 who provide support and assistance to their families and friends. For a young person who has caring responsibilities, trying to transition to, through and beyond further education, can be extremely challenging. For some, these challenges present a significant barrier to achieving their ambitions.

This practical resource has been expanded and developed from a shorter publication, produced in 2015 by Carers Trust and National Institute for Adults Continuing Education (NIACE). It is designed for use by managers and staff working in further education colleges in Wales.

This user-friendly resource is designed to increase awareness and understanding of young adult carers and their specific needs. It outlines who young adult carers are, the challenges they face and how their caring roles can impact on their education. It draws together some of the good practice that is already being developed in several colleges in Wales, often in partnership with local carers services, and makes recommendations for how student carers can be supported to sustain their participation in learning and achieve their potential.


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