Skills for Work Day

As part of Adult Learners’ Week 2023, Learning and Work Institute will be co-ordinating a Skills for Work Day on 21st September to focus on the importance of delivering workplace learning opportunities.

Recognising the value of skills for work:

Opportunities to learn at work are vital in contributing to the creation of a culture of lifelong learning, providing pathways to upskill more people and creating healthier workplaces.

Adult learning can have significant and wide-ranging benefits for individuals, including those related to health, employment, and social life and community. Our 2022 Participation in Learning Survey found that the most common benefits experienced by learners were work-related. Just over one in five adults believe that they have improved the skills needed to do their job.

Other benefits repeatedly cited by those respondents include increased confidence at work, getting a recognised qualification, and higher productivity at work or improved work quality.

On Skills for Work Day organisations across Wales will put a spotlight on opportunities to learn at work.

Organising activity as part of Skills for Work Day can provide a focus to:

  • Celebrate and promote the learning and skills on offer and the achievements of people at work to showcase impact.
  • Provide informal taster courses, have a go sessions or skills refreshers to brush up on skills, for e.g. essential skills, technology to offering mid-life reviews and planning for the future.
  • Share skills, uncover hidden talent and passions – have fun, get creative, and generate enthusiasm for learning something new.
  • Increase awareness of workplace opportunities to learn and build more engagement.
  • Stimulate learning and development strategies.
  • Share your latest research, reports or blogs that focus on skills.

Get in touch

L&W welcome thoughts and ideas for Skills for Work Day, if your organisation is interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with Learning and Work Institute.
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