Apprenticeships & vocational education

How do we make sure apprenticeships are of the highest quality and accessible to everyone who could benefit from one?


How can we build high quality vocational education that works for people and employers?

Apprenticeships and vocational education are important ways for people to improve skills and build a career, and for employers to meet skills needs. This is particularly true for young people and those looking to retrain or update their skills. However, access to apprenticeships is unequal.

Despite successive commitments from different Welsh governments take-up of technical and vocational education is lower than many other countries. Changing this requires high-quality routes which can be easily understood. Building these needs engagement with young people, parents and guardians, adults, employers and education providers.

Our work focuses on understanding the challenges and opportunities, including research on current inequalities in participation, testing how to make a difference, and helping to shape policy and practice for high quality, accessible routes.

Our areas of work on apprenticeships and vocational education

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For further information about our work on apprenticeships and vocational education contact: Joshua Miles, Director for Wales
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