Employment, progression & social security

How can we ensure everyone has fair access to good work that is rewarding, fulfilling and has opportunities for progression?


How can the social security system tackle poverty and provide support to those that need it?

Today Wales faces the challenge of rebuilding our economy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. After years of relative progress that saw economic inactivity levels fall and employment rise, today we face the challenge of responding to record levels of unemployment.

The impact of the pandemic has also exposed existing inequalities, particularly for young people, women and those with the fewest qualifications. Long term challenges remain, such as the access of disabled people to work and regional inequalities between parts of Wales.

Both employment support and the social security system, including Universal Credit, play an important role in providing support for people when they need it, reducing poverty and delivering help to find work and build a career.

Our work focuses on understanding the labour market, building the evidence base for what works in helping people into work, and exploring how the social security system can best provide support to people and tackle poverty

Our work on employment and social security

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For further information about our work on employment and social security contact: Joshua Miles, Director for Wales
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