About us

A new independent policy and research organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion. We bring together over 90 years of combined history and heritage from the ‘National Institute of Adult Continuing Education’ and the ‘Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion’.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to realise their ambitions and potential in learning, work and throughout life.

We believe a better skilled workforce, in better paid jobs, is good for business, good for the economy, and good for society.

We want learning and work to count.

Learning and work count because...

  • We need more people finding work, staying in work and building their careers
  • We need to reduce gaps in learning and employment for disadvantaged communities
  • We need learning opportunities throughout life for stronger families, healthier people, more inclusive communities
  • We need a more balanced and more productive economy

But there are significant challenges...

  • Resources are tight – we need to make every pound count
  • Productivity is too low - employers, individuals and government do not invest enough in training
  • Worklessness is still too high – there are over 3 million people on benefits
  • Skills and employment gaps are too large – we need to close them so that communities and people can benefit
  • Learning investment is too focused on younger people at the expense of adults across their careers and in retirement

Our History

Meet Our People

Our vision is for a society in which everyone has opportunities to learn and be supported to achieve their ambitions in life, community and work. Our ambition is for higher rates of employment and better jobs, higher productivity for a stronger economy, equality and inclusion for more social justice, and active citizens and healthy communities.